Java Developer - Senior

Pune, India

Company Profile 

HEIN+FRICKE is an international Java-centric software development company. With over 10 years of experience, we have proven
expertise in developing mission critical software. We strengthen the core of business operations with our professional services.
We work in three principal areas – complete product development, team expansion at any required point and product maintenance. 

HEIN+FRICKE GmbH was founded in 2006 in Hamburg. Germany. We grew on diverse, critical projects delivered swiftly.
We have maintained the ethos of delivering what is promised and being inventive with the newest technology. In 2014,
we founded the development Centre in Pune, India. 

At HEIN+FRICKE, we welcome professionals who have the skill, the passion and the motivation to work in a dynamic and
sincere environment. It has been our policy to hire employees with specific skills for defined job profiles.
We believe our strength lies not in numbers but in the quality of work we do. Hence, anyone who loves coding and application of
knowledge to diverse projects is a valuable resource for us. 

Position Summary 

We are looking for a senior level developer for our Pune office. We need our engineers to be versatile and always eager to
tackle new problems as we continue to push the technology forward. 

You are an excellent Java Programmer. 
You will guide your teammates with your experience in professional software development. Your positive attitude and your
professional craftsmanship is inspiring your teammates. 

You work on the latest technologies and apply them to add value to our clients. You will design and implement mission critical
software solutions at HEIN+FRICKE. 


Job Description 

  1. develop systems based on Java technologies, including individual contribution. 

  1. gain detailed understanding of our product owner’s requirements  

  1. engage with our customers directly 

  1. estimate efforts for new features 

  1. design solutions and take over responsibility for their materialization 

  1. define the structure of the code   

  1. be responsible for the overall quality of a complete system  

  1. do pair programming / code reviews with your teammates 

  1. participate in technical architecture workshops in which you act as a leading expert 

  1. be responsible for deploying the solutions into production and solve runtime issues   

  1. develop first on new technologies 

  1. document your work professionally 


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Knowledge / Skills Required 

  1. Minimum 6+ years’ experience in commercial Java development, at least 3 different projects 

  1. Language abilities : Must be able to communicate fluently in English. 

  1. Java 

-Java 7 or later editions 

-Expert in object-oriented analysis and design principles 

-Expert in Collections, Generics, Streams 

-Producing and consuming RESTful services 

-consuming SOAP services 

-hands-on experience with at least one JEE container 

                             -experience in the end to end software development process 

  1. Source control: Git (branching models, merging, solving conflicts) 

  1. Build: console-based tool like Maven, Ant, Gradle 

  1. Databases: SQL, Experience working in at least one DBMS 

  1. Unit testing frameworks: hands-on experience with using Junit 


Knowledge Good to Have 

  1. Multithreading 

  1. JSF 

  1. EclipseLink 

  1. liquibase 

  1. experience in working according to agile methodology 

  1. experience in working with European customers